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When you put it on, a new bra should feel comfortable, snug and supportive on the loosest hook. The correct band size should also fit in a horizontal line around the body, and not ride up at the back. A bra that you fasten on the tightest hook straight away, or that rides up at the back, is likely to be too big in the band size. Try going down a band size, as well as up a cup size, to keep the correct capacity in the cup. For example, if your bra was a 34E, try a 32F.

Not only will having the correct band size ensure the bra is more supportive, it will also mean that the straps should not need to provide as much support or take as much of the weight of your bust. When the weight of the bust is no longer pulling the bra forward, lifting it at the back, this then decreases the likelihood of the straps digging in or slipping off your shoulders.

Your bra should not be so tight on the band size that it leaves red marks. You should be able to run your fingers all the way round the body under the band, for a snug fit that does not restrict you.


The underwires should not stand away from the body at the centre front, but sit flat against you. Try going up a cup size if this is an issue. The underwires should also fully encase your boobs, and not cut into the breast tissue at the side – if this is the case, try going up a cup size.


Always lean forward a little and wiggle the underwires or lift your boobs into the bra cups to adjust yourself into it. The cups should sit flush against you, and not cut in at all at the top; if you find yourself spilling out, go up a cup size. If the cups of your bra are too big, they may gape at the top and there may be wrinkling in the cup.

Remember to adjust the straps and enjoy!


Due to the delicate nature of Beaujais lingerie it is recommended that all lingerie should be hand washed with a mild detergent in cool water, as machine washing or hot water use can damage delicate fabrics, laces, embroidery and elastic. Allow to drip-dry over a bath or shower, as direct heat from radiators or tumble dryers can be damaging. Following these care guidelines will allow you to enjoy your lingerie and keep them looking their best. Beaujais will not replace or refund machine washed or heat damaged product.

We hope you love wearing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

  • SALE Sweet Nothings Balconette Bra in Liqueur1
  • SALE Sweet Nothings Balconette Bra in Liqueur2
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SALE Sweet Nothings Balconette Bra in Liqueur

SALE Sweet Nothings Balconette Bra in Liqueur


  • This stunning balconette bra in Liqueur silk satin features black sheer French Leavers lace cups and contrasting black elastic. An internal silk-encased, lightly padded sling provides support, along with curved, wide silk straps. The bra is finished with black satin swallow-tail bows and pearl silver components. Wear with our ‘Barely There’ knickers and suspender for a provocative bedroom look. Model wears size 32F.


    PLEASE NOTE: We have very limited sizes in the sale

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